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    Stress Management

    Stress isn’t all bad, Sometimes, when we feel stress we may worry that something is wrong with the situation or even ourselves. The reality is that if stress is properly managed, it can help us to perform. Stress can help us to assess our strengths and areas for growth and make improvements. Especially in the event of trying to grow and excel at something. For example, if you exercise or lift weights, your muscles need tension or stress to strengthen. Hence, “no pain, no gain.” Likewise, if you are in heavy traffic, you do not want to be too relaxed, or you are likely to get into a wreck if you are not paying attention to all the details necessary.

    Oftentimes, we find ourselves feeling too much stress. This is in fact a bad thing. It can be bad for our brains, our hearts, digestive system, and it can wreak havoc in our lives.

    The first thing about stress is awareness. Sometimes we can get stressed and not fully recognize it. We must first become like a thermometer that gauges the intensity of our temperature. Just like when you get sick, your temperature may be too high. That means you need to do something to promote your wellness. That may be taking medicine, rest, a bowl of the classic chicken noodle souple, or a doctor’s visit.

    The act of doing something about our stress is where we learn to go from being like a thermometer to a thermostat.

    The solutions to stress management are vast. The solutions may be in the categories of physiological, cognitive, or lifestyle changes. Things like deep breathing, exercise, stretching, yoga, mindfulness, meditation are all practices, progressive muscle relaxation are all examples of ways proven to decrease stress. Another process that can aid stress management is an assessment of values, time management, and self-care. Learning about and applying strategies that work for you can take time. If you would like to get started on improving your stress management, Reach Out Today!