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    What to Expect in the Therapeutic Process

    Therapy will start with an intake session that generally lasts 1-1.5 hours.

    We will work together to get clear about your background, current status, challenges, and goals.

    We will work together to explore your ideal, or where you want to be in several areas of your life.

    We will explore the barriers, as well as the strengths/skill sets to overcome them.

    The methods I utilize help you to learn about yourself in a whole new way. You learn about the ways you deal with stressors. From there you can assess their effectiveness and begin to learn new, more effective ways of coping. You can learn about the power of your thought life and ways of thinking that can change sadness into joy and worry into peace. You can learn a new way of perceiving situations, relationships, and your own strengths that can build new feelings of gratitude. When you build your thinking skills and strengths into your daily life or difficult settings, you find a way of being you have never experienced before.

    You find a new you, and a new way of being in your community that is more fulfilling and accepting.

    The process of therapy is different for everyone. Some people benefit from having a safe place to talk about things, other people want formal interventions that they can apply RIGHT NOW. Some people only need a few sessions and other people need longer. I try to keep that in mind and work AT YOUR PACE.

    Modalities Used:

    Issues Treated

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