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    Adoption is a beautiful process where a child is taken from their biological family and placed with their adoptive family. There are many cases in which this may be necessary and even beneficial. Death, poverty, and illness are three such examples. Parents may want to adopt a child for many reasons too. One reason may be that the parents want to provide love and a home for a child in need. Another may be that for some medical reason, the parents are not able to have biological children of their own. Adoption is beautiful in that parents are united with children. It is also difficult in that there is a separation from the family of origin that takes place. 

    Adoption is a unique experience for all involved. There is the biological family that gives a child up for adoption, there is the child that gets adopted, and there is the family that is adopted. Each party will experience the adoption differently. 

    As an adoptee, it can be hard. One adoptee may be curious about their biological family, while another may not think about them very much at all. Another adoptee may feel hurt and like they lost something when they were separated from their biological family. Another adoptee may feel whole in their family. Other adoptees become estranged. 

    Again, adoption can be an amazing thing, but amazing things rarely happen without their challenges. If you would like support making the most out of your adoption experience Reach Out Today!