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    My Mission

    Adopted Daily is about helping individuals and families learn the mindsets and habits that transform the mess into the message. Individuals and families develop awareness and acceptance of themselves and one another. The process of adoption is beautifully transformative.

    Nonetheless, there are struggles in any transformation. When you build and maintain a healthy brain, you can live a healthy life. Fostering a healthy mindset creates a healthy lifestyle, and in return, a happy life means a happy brain.

    This mission is achieved by:

    • providing a safe and accepting environment
    • focusing on strengths and solutions.
    • Encouraging growth
    • utilizing interventions and teaching skills.
    • ​What does ‘Adopted Daily’ mean?

    It is a swiss army knife of terms. Adopted does refer to the status of a person that is adopted into a family. It is a reference to the absolute acceptance of the state. Adopted also refers to mindsets, beliefs, and routines chosen (‘adopted’) in one’s lifestyle.

    Daily refers to a resiliency, persistency, consistency applied to mindset exploration and implementation. Of course, one cannot be adopted every day. However, they can remember the adoption as a blessing and approval regularly. ‘Daily’ is less about rigidity and more about consistency.

    Andrew Perez LCMHC

    Andrew is a therapist that loves to learn about you! There is no greater joy than growth in the therapeutic relationship.

    One of Andrew’s favorite terms is Self-Actualization – The need for people to reach their full potential.

    Andrew has a unique passion for adoption and adoption-related issues. These issues could range from identity, to preparation, to reunification..

    Outside of providing therapeutic services, Andrew enjoys Running, Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Reading, Writing, Camping, Sports, Eating, and time with family.

    Are you ready to take the first step?